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(Pronounced Chee House

In traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts, "Qi" represents the energy of Life. It is an invisible element that moves through us and all around us. Drawing inspiration from this concept, we have introduced the acronym “Quantum Intelligence” as these two concepts represent the meeting point where science and spirituality converge.  


We are a non-profit founded to unlock our innate human technology in order to usher in a new era of of human ability, awareness and collective healing. We believe worldwide systemic change can take place once we come to know the primal connection of our human bodies in relation to the invisible, energetic aspects of our world. 


Over the course of more than 20 years, our founder, Joy Rigel, has dedicated herself, both in her private practice and personal life, to the exploration and enhancement of mind, body and "feeling" awarenesses, tuning into the subtle, etheric realms that shape our world, learning to listen in sensorial ways, and lending support whenever possible. We believe that individual and collective healing is essential for the future of human evolution. So as we advance technologically at exponential speed it is of vital importance that we begin to cultivate these awarenesses now. 


We intend to use scientific methodologies to identify and repurpose our (artistic hearted) experimentations in order to be a creative and regenerative force for the future of our world.  It is our hope that within the next 5 years, our research and publications will ignite a profound awakening, enabling individuals to recognize their inherent power as conscious creators and redefine their place in the world. As we navigate away from traditional forms of religion and spirituality, it is imperative that we embrace and cultivate this human activation and conscious evolution process now.  Our species wellbeing and very existence depend on it. 


Let us embark on this transformative journey-together, nurturing a harmonious future where each of us has the opportunity to realize the miracle that is Life in this World. 


Let’s not wait to turn this vision into reality. Your support is needed and deeply appreciated.


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