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We Believe

Below is supplemental information from the 501c3 filing. We would love to begin a conversation about these concepts. Please feel free to write and share your questions and comments. Our channel will be up soon and we will be responding via video in the weeks ahead. 

We hold the belief that the human body is inherently designed to navigate and engage with the diverse experiences and aspects of our world. However, we have yet to fully comprehend and utilize our navigation systems, which has led to a lack of awareness and clarity in our operations within this world. Our mission is to uncover and understand these navigation systems, in turn heightening our clarity and awareness and enabling us to more effectively engage with the world around us.


 In addition to our physical interactions with the world around us, we hold the belief that we are also in constant interaction with a more subtle realm, an energetic space that surrounds us.  We view this realm as the collective unconscious, where the current collective thought and feeling gather and take shape. We recognize that we are unconsciously informing this realm, and it is our mission to heighten our awareness of these interactions and better understand the impact of our thoughts and feelings on the collective unconscious.


 Our aim is to educate about this subtle energetic field in order to learn how to operate in ways that serve the greater good of all life. By doing so, we hope to illustrate that the quantum aspect of our world is where science and spirituality converge.  Our mission is to bridge the gap between these two seemingly disparate domains, unlocking a deeper understanding of the world around us and our place within it. 


We hold the belief that the next phase of evolution is already present, but many are hesitant to embrace it. We recognize the potential for human longevity to increase significantly, but we often curb our development due to fear and avoidance of the feelings associated with this transformation.


 For many of us, sitting still in the present moment and fully experiencing our emotions can be challenging. We may feel anxious, restless or afraid and may go to great lengths to avoid these uncomfortable feelings.


We believe that the next stage of human evolution involves heightened emotional awareness and sensitivity. Social anxiety and hyper-awareness may be symptoms of this evolution, as our bodies and minds adapt to a new dimension of being. This shift allows us to experience the full range of human emotion consciously and connect more deeply with each other.


We envision that once this transformation is fully integrated, the current systems in place will dissolve as they no longer align with our interconnected and empathetic way of being. With the ability to truly feel one another, we'll be driven to alleviate the suffering that surrounds us, and pave the way for a more compassionate and harmonious world.


We are committed to investigating the potential of unified awareness, and how collective alignment with the present moment coupled with specific intention can influence the energetic fabric of the world around us.

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